Best Saturdays

On Saturday mornings we lace up our shoes, step out our front door and start traversing the hidden corners of our neighborhood and city. We scout out graffiti art and the best city views from dilapidated parking garages. We like to end wandering through a local arts Festival — listening to bands we don’t know, admiring makers and artists, and eating waffles from food trucks.

Usually Quiet

We are both soft-spoken introverts — everywhere except our own home. People who don’t know us well would be surprisedĀ  to see us belting out Mumford & Sons at the top of our lungs while we’re cooking quesadillas for dinner. We have a secret goofiness.

Road Trippin’

Spontaneous road trips are the best road trips! Once we decided to visit Yellowstone National Park for our anniversary, and we were there five hours later!

Serious Ice Cream Business

Our favorite local ice creamery used to see us on a weekly basis! The staff knew our orders: a Tracy’s Peanut Butter Cup for Megan and a Cookie Concoction for Jeff.