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Ollo! Welcome to our little corner of the internet. We hope this page will give you a sense of who we are. But if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us. We’d love to get to know you and wish you the very best in your journey.

Our Story

We’d love to get to know you and wish you the very best in your journey.

Here’s a brief history of how we came to be Jeff and Megan:

We don’t know when we first met. We grew up in the same neighborhood. Because of a four-year age difference, we never ran in the same circles. Jeff’s best friend was Megan’s best friend’s older brother, and Jeff’s older sisters used to babysit Megan. We’ve always known each other. 

When Jeff returned home from his Spanish-speaking mission for our church in San Antonio, TX, Megan moved away to Tacoma, WA, to begin her college career. Megan spent a lot of time on stage majoring in theatre, and Jeff moved from studying medical school prerequisites, to architecture, until he (finally!) landed on urban planning. Megan came back home after studying abroad in London and finishing an internship in Kentucky. 

As Megan moved back home from Kentucky, our moms discussed us at a bridal shower. The moms decided these kids should get to know each other better. Both moms hinted (not so subtly) to us about it.

The reaction? A little bit of eye rolling. Jeff thought dating Megan would be strange since he remembered her as “Zack’s little sister.” Plus, “Megan wouldn’t be interested anyway.” Just around the corner, Megan thought Jeff sounded interesting, but “nothing will ever come of it.” After that, Jeff happened to see Megan walk past his house one evening with her parents. He reconsidered. 

A series of odd and humorous interactions commenced. While delivering cookies during a church Christmas activity, Jeff and Megan rode in the same car and performed a Christmas rap for the recipients. While attending a friend’s wedding reception, Jeff jokingly practiced asking the girl on his left, “Will you marry me?” Megan sat, laughing, on Jeff’s right. While Megan was in Philadelphia for Christmas, Jeff sent her a “Merry Christmas” text. She happily texted back. Text mania took off from there as we conspired, via text, to jointly take over the world.

Jeff wanted to suggest that he and Megan perform the “Double Dream Hands” (look it up) dance at the church talent show, but was worried he’d sound crazy if he did. Well, it turns out Megan’s the crazy one. She suggested it, Jeff accepted, and rehearsals/unofficial dates began. After buying yellow polos for their dance (an important part of the video), Jeff mustered up all his strength to ask Megan out for ice cream afterward. He blurted it out just seconds before reaching Megan’s house to drop her off. Megan (happily!) agreed.

While Jeff resolved to find a way to ask Megan out for real, Megan nervously dialed Jeff’s number to ask him out. She beat him to the punch, Jeff accepted, and there was much rejoicing and nervous laughter. The first date? Jeff planned the whole thing. We ate dinner at Stoneground and walked around the City-County Building in downtown Salt Lake City.

Megan and Jeff held hands for the first time at a picnic in the park on Valentine’s Day. While Jeff finally put his arm around Megan at our church meeting, our friends applauded our progress. Under an umbrella on Megan’s porch after a short walk and a long talk, we shared our first kiss. While we shared “I love you” for the first time on a very special Tuesday, we both thought about the future. 

While looking at the Salt Lake Temple, Jeff proposed (on one knee) to Megan. Megan replied with a “Yes, absolutely!” and a kiss. Jeff and Megan were married in that same temple in October 2011.

We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs in our nearly-seven-year marriage. We experienced moving, grad school, vacations, new careers, infertility, and plenty of Netflix binges (The Office, Parks & Recreation, Parenthood). From momentous days to the daily grind, we are both so grateful that we get to be on this journey together.

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About Jeff

Fun Facts:

  1. Jeff is a City Planner and has a Master’s in City and Metropolitan Planning.
  2. He speaks Spanish and served an LDS (Mormon) Mission in San Antonio, Texas.
  3. When Jeff sleeps, he is always shrouded in pillows — at least four every night!
  4. Jeff’s drink of choice is Diet Pepsi or A&W Root Beer.
  5. His cool party trick? Jeff can identify a car just by seeing its headlights.
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Megan on Jeff

Jeff has so many quiet strengths. He is so humble. He never flaunts or puffs himself up. He is real and authentic and more focused on others than he is on himself. He is an amazing human being that has taught me so much about true love. Jeff is so genuinely kind. He cares deeply about the people he loves and never hurts those people. He is gentle in his actions and his words. He gives his time to those he loves and is fiercely loyal. He doesn’t collect friendships and acquaintances. He holds onto friends and nurtures relationships through several different seasons of life. Jeff is smart and creative. He is also really funny, but you have to be sitting right next to him to hear his quick wit. He still surprises me with how funny he is. He makes me guffaw loudly on a regular basis.

About Megan

Fun Facts:

  1. Megan works in a nonprofit as the Director of Community Engagement.
  2. She is an arts advocate and studied Theatre in college; she dabbles in other artistic disciplines.
  3. When she sings along to the radio, it’s clear Megan rarely knows the words.
  4. Because of a fun coincidence while dating Jeff, Megan loves drinking from Mason jars.
  5. Megan’s party trick is knowing airport codes. What’s the airport code for Orlando? Easy peasy: MCO.
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Jeff on Megan

Megan is an amazing person who surprises me every day with her brilliance and passion; she is loving and is a wonderful listener. She works every day to improve the lives of other people, and she has been doing that, in numerous different capacities, for a long time. She’s incredibly talented in many ways and she uses those talents primarily for the benefit of other people. Megan has studied the importance of play and imagination in the way children are educated, and this is something she excels at in practice. Children are often drawn to Megan and always have a lot of fun with her. Another of Megan’s strengths is that she is an idealist.

About Frank Sinatra the Cat

Our Actual Fridge Photo by Malae Talley Photo

Fun Facts:

  1. Frank thinks he is a dog. He greets us at the door when we come home.
  2. He also flops over and loves when we rub his belly.
  3. Frank loves arugula and rotisserie chicken. He’s quite sophisticated.
  4. Frank has more Instagram friends than we do (@frank_sinatra_the_cat).
  5. Frank has a special relationship with our white crochet blanket. He “kneads” it.
Photo by Malae Talley Photo

We adopted Frank last year after falling in love with his deep blue eyes and scrappy fur. Accordingly, we named him Frank Sinatra the Cat after ol’ Blue Eyes himself. Frank loves to practice parkour around the house or sleep in a pile of the softest gray fur on our laps. Here’s another picture, because we’re definitely crazy cat people now.


About Adoption

We want an open adoption, and we would love to talk with you about what that means for all of us. We want to have a relationship with you, and we believe that the best way to do that is to have open, honest and (very possibly) awkward conversations. We hope that you’ll feel comfortable contacting us with any questions you have.

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Thank you for visiting our little world. Do you have questions? Or do you want to contact us? Email us at MakingThreeCo(at)gmail(dot)com.

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