Ode to a Saturday

A Saturday is a funny thing.

As an adult, I know I should use this day to get my crap done. I work all week, and I put off laundry and dishes and cleaning, and there are piles all about the apartment. It’s okay though. I know which is the clean pile and which is the dirty… at least I did on Wednesday. By Saturday, I have to go by the smell test. Smells clean? Good to go. Smells dirty? Move it farther away from the clean pile… It’s not a perfect system.

I know I should clean it all up on Saturday and get everything ready for the coming week. I should go grocery shopping and do some meal planning. I should make freezer meals and vacuum carpets. I should clean the shower and take out the recycling. I know what adults are supposed to do.

But, sometimes, I don’t want to be an adult.


Sometimes I want grab a fork and scarf down half a watermelon straight out of the giant bowl.

And then I want to NOT go grocery shopping. I want to NOT spend a hundred dollars on food. I want to NOT have the self-check-out-lane voice yell at me to place my items in the bagging area.

And instead I want to go to the mall and buy a new hat. The new hat will look like I should wear it on the beach. It will make me want to go on vacation.


So instead of doing grown up things, we’ll pretend we are on vacation. And we’ll road trip down to our old stomping grounds. And we’ll reminisce.

I’ll eat a donut for lunch. We’ll compare Dunkin’ Donuts with Krispy Kremes. And we’ll decide Krispy Kremes are superior because they melt in your mouth.

And we’ll pretend, for just a day, that it doesn’t matter what food we eat.

We’ll take the long way home and drive through small towns. We’ll look at dilapidated country homes and crumbling main streets.

We’ll catch a view we’ve never seen before. We’ll catch the sun glimmering on sacred stained glass and gaze at the vibrant tulips all around. We’ll scoff at big homes and wish for the small ones.

We won’t listen to NPR. We’ll listen to music. And we’ll hear “Magic” every other hour and sing along to Imagine Dragons.

We’ll stroll through the park, and I’ll do the unthinkable and use a park bathroom. Then we’ll decide it’s time to go home. But we’ll stop in Target on the way. We’ll find you a reading light and me a new backpack.

But we’ll still pretend you don’t have finals, and I don’t have chores.

I’ll love every minute of this wannabe vacation. ‘Cause I love every minute with you. We’ll do the chores and the studying later. There’s always Monday. For now, I’m just happy it’s a Saturday with you.

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